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12V Smart Car Battery Charger

12V Smart Car Battery Charger

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Battery Charger 6-Amp-Restor Your Battery:
Auto battery charger integrates a variety of protection functions, such as reverse connection, short circuit, overcharge, over temperature, over current, and other intelligent settings, which can effectively ensure the safety of the charging device and its charger
At the same time, the charger memory, battery power detection, touch buttons, and other humanized settings are added to make charging more convenient and fast
With pulse repair function, for lead-acid batteries that cannot be charged due to mild sulfation, the battery can be repaired and activated by pulse repair mode, which can reduce the sulfation phenomenon to a certain extent and make the battery charge normally.

Scope of application:
battery type: charging voltage in the DC14.2-14.9V @ 12V mode range of lead-acid class of batteries, is strictly prohibited to ternary lithium batteries or charging voltage is not in this range of batteries for charging.
Operating voltage: Applicable to AC100-240V, 50/60Hz AC mains range.
Operating ambient temperature: applicable to work in the environment -10 to +45 degrees Celsius.
Altitude: suitable for use at altitudes up to 4000 meters.

Before charging, observe whether the battery is broken, whether there is liquid overflow around the battery and other abnormal phenomena, if there are abnormal phenomena, please charge carefully
Do not charge in the air-melting environment.
Avoid high temperature and high humidity environments when charging.
When charging, the surface of the battery should not be covered with objects, and the battery should be placed upright and straight, not tilted.
When the sulfide material at both ends of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery is too high, the sulfide material should be removed first, so that the battery can be better charged
When the voltage of the charged battery is very low, please repair it first and then charge it.
The charger output is connected to the battery in one-handed operation, that is one hand to the black clip in the negative terminal of the battery, and then takes the red clip in the positive terminal of the battery.
Output short-circuit, anti-reverse connection: the product has an output short-circuit, reverse battery prompt (reverse connection 1-2S detection, detection of reverse connection or short circuit when the LCD display "ERO", the detection process will not cause damage to the product because of reverse connection or short circuit), and reverse connection, after the microprocessor program processing, there will be no reverse connection sparking phenomenon occurs.
Battery power detection: no access to AC input voltage, battery clamps clamped on the positive and negative ends of the battery (red positive and black negative), you can display the battery current and timely voltage parameters (digital tube display data: voltage and ambient temperature cyclic display, power grid according to the detected data in the form of a percentage display, the first power on 6S self-test waiting, 6S not to show only the temperature, 6S to reach the temperature and voltage cyclic display)
Winter and summer mode: the charging process, detecting the ambient temperature, timely adjustment of the product charging state to ensure battery life and charging safety, winter mode: LCD display snowflakes, summer mode: LCD display sun (car mode-specific features, other modes do not have)
Over-temperature protection: the product has an over-temperature protection function, the product detects that the temperature is too high, and will start the over-temperature protection program, when the temperature returns to normal values, restore the initial charging state
Overcharge protection: the product has an overcharge protection function to avoid overcharging resulting in a decline in battery life and to enhance the reliability of charging safety (maximum charging time default 15.5-16.0H)
Battery full progress bar: the product charging process to display the charging progress bar, in the form of percentage display, full display 100%

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