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480s adhesive car rubber tire glue

480s adhesive car rubber tire glue

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One: Viscosity: 800CPS

Two: tensile strength: 15psi

Three: Shear strength 11MPS

Four: temperature 25 degrees

Five: matters needing attention

1. Seal it after use to prevent the glue from curing.

2. All the above products must be sealed and stored in a dry, cool, dark place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Remember to clean the bottle after use and tighten the lid. Store the glue in a cool dry place after use.

Uses: Professional for sticky diamonds, sticky nails, sticky sequins, jewelry, etc.

Tips: Because the glue will expand when it changes with temperature, there will be half a bottle of space reserved for each bottle. Because there are often many MMs who have received the product to ask questions, so here is a half bottle at the factory. The space is not used, the content is reached.


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