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Auto Wax

Auto Wax

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Erosion and strong ultraviolet radiation
Glossy hard wax coating blends with paint surface coating formulations
Super waterproof, anti-fouling effect, more resistant to heavy rain and heavy snow
Protective film, hard and shiny, closed

Car wax (glass plating)

A: 1x waxing

B: 1 x plating wax + 2 applicators + 1 x microfiber polishing towel (random color)

C: 1× waxing + 10 parts microfiber applicator

D: 1 x waxing + 6 pieces of soft white microfiber polishing towel

Type: Car wax
Material: Wax
Net weight: 0.21 (g)
Shelf life: 3 years
Main scope of application: car wax

Name: Waxing sponge set
Specifications: 4 inch 2 packs

Type: waxing towel
Material: Microfiber
Yarn process: Combed yarn
Yarn specification: 16
Main ingredients: polyester fiber (polyester)
Polyester fiber: (polyester cleaning towel
Color Category: White
Color: white single strip, white 6 strip with color card
Specifications (length * width cm): 35x35

Cleaning towel type: multifunctional towel
Yarn process: Combed yarn
Yarn specification: 32
Main ingredients: polyester fiber (polyester)
Principal component content: 80 times
Ingredients: Polyamide fiber (nylon sub-component content 20

Name: Waxing sponge block
Material: Microfiber
Specifications: 13x13x2.5cm
Net weight: 12g

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