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Car Care Scratch Repair

Car Care Scratch Repair

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1.This product uses professional automotive biopolymerization curing technology to make full use of the biomolecular properties of silicone resin, carnauba wax and silicon acrylate.
2.Incorporating nanotechnology, adding ASF polymer, adjusting the molecular polymerization structure, giving full play to the molecular extension characteristics, forming a strong adhesion layer on the surface of the paint, effectively reducing the brilliance effect of the new car, and lasting for several months!
3.In any weather conditions, it can effectively resist the acid rain caused by harsh environmental pollution and the erosion of air paint on the paint, making the paint lasting as new!
4.It is non-toxic and has no odor. It contains extract, no irritating odor and no harm to the human body.
5.Scope of application: car, aircraft, ship, train, motorcycle, glass steel, plastic, stainless steel, electroplated layer, polished aluminum products, furniture and any painted materials surface maintenance.

Product information:
Material: palm wax
Main scope of application: car paint, door panels, glass, meters, tires, headlights
Type: solid
Function: waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, decontamination, anti-static, anti-acid rain, anti-high temperature, repair scratches, anti-wear, anti-oxidation
Series: Coating
Physical form: solid

Packing list:
Automotive Nano Crystal Wax *1

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