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Car Scratch Repair Fluid

Car Scratch Repair Fluid

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Product information:

Size: about 13.2*6.5*2.5cm/5.20*2.56*0.98in
Net weight: about 106g
Blister packaging size: about 20.5*10.7*4. 5cm/8.07*4.21*1.77in
Capacity: 100ml


This car paint maintenance wax can quickly remove small scratches, bird droppings and other serious pollution on the car paint surface, effectively protect the car paint and prevent oxidation and other phenomena.
This paint maintenance wax not only repairs the paint, but also sands and protects your paint.
Drip maintenance wax on a towel, and car polish is also suitable for cleaning stubborn oil films on glass surfaces. Sand the scratch vigorously until the scratch disappears or becomes lighter.

Packing list:

1x Car Scratch Repair Wax

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