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Leather Complementary Color Spray Paint

Leather Complementary Color Spray Paint

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1. Refreshing complementary colors for refurbished leather and car seat surfaces
2. After the complementary color, it is the same as the new one, not easy to fade, and lasting
3. The same applies to leather clothing, such as furniture, shoes or wallets
4. Simple and convenient operation, non-toxic and non-polluting
5. Car seat leather renovation, complementary color (shoes, wallets, sofas, leather are also applicable)

1. Original color restoration, color update, bright color... refresh color
2. Discoloration, you can choose your favorite color to replace the original color of the leather.

Product information:
Product category: shoe polish
Function: Waterproof
Color: white, gray, black, orange, rose red, red, wine red, yellow, dark green, green, brown, dark blue, beige
Note: The complementary color paste is a special dye for leather. One bottle of 50ml can refurbish three pairs of pumps. The complementary color only needs to be slightly dipped. After use, please press the sealing film tightly, tighten the bottle cap, and keep it in a cool place. The shelf life is three years. After the complementary color is refurbished, please put it in the air for 48 hours before using it!

1 *Leather repair cream

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